Summary of the Fifth Edition of Babylon (2018)

The fifth edition of Babylon received entries from seven source languages—English, German, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Dutch, and Polish—into two target languages, Macedonian and Albanian.

There were two award-winning translations at this edition of Babylon: the translation from Spanish into Macedonian of an excerpt from Mi verdadera historia by Juan José Millas, authored by Nikola Spasovski, as well as the translation from Spanish into Albanian of an excerpt from El laberinto de los espíritus by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, authored by Ardita Zulfiu. The awards were presented by Freek Janmaat, representative of the EU Delegation in Skopje, and Ognena Nikuljski, president of the Babylon Organising Committee and of MATA.

In addition to the awards, honourable mentions were given to Adrijana Trajanova, for her translation from German into Macedonian of an excerpt from Dass wir uns haben by Luise Maier, as well as to Mario Stojanoski, for his translation of an excerpt from Nezemaljski izraz njegovih ruku by Miljenko Jergović from Croatian into Macedonian.

The award winners, Nikola Spasovski and Ardita Zufliu, were arranged a visit to the Liber International Book Fair in Madrid. Additionally, they received a free one-year membership to MATA, and their translations were published in the Kulturen život magazine.

As every year, information on the competition was shared in the media and through the Delegation’s and the Association’s electronic communication channels. Moreover, in order to promote the competition better and to inform as many potential entrants as possible, 5 informative sessions and translation workshops were organised in Skopje, Štip, Tetovo, and Bitola.