Summary of the Fourth Edition of Babylon (2017)

The fourth edition of the Babylon Best Young Translator Award received entries from seven source languages—English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, and Polish—into Macedonian and Albanian.

There were two award-winning translations in this cycle: the translation from Spanish into Macedonian of an excerpt from Pasaje a Tahití by Eva Garcia Sáenz, authored by Sara Ilievska, as well as the translation from English into Albanian of an excerpt from The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, authored by Ardita Zulfiu. At the award ceremony, which took place at the Ramstore Shopping Centre on the European Day of Languages, 26 September 2017, the awards were presented by the EU Ambassador in the Country, Samuel Žbogar, and the president of the Babylon Organising Committee and of MATA, Ognena Nikuljski.

In addition, honourable mentions were given to Rina Jankulovska, for her translation from French into Macedonian of an excerpt from Le grand marin by Catherine Poulain, and to Ardita Zulfiu, for her translation from English into Albanian of an excerpt from Not Working by Lisa Owens.

The award winners Sara Ilievska and Ardita Zulfiu both received a monetary prize of €500 in domestic currency countervalue, as well as a one-year active membership to MATA, and their translations were published in the Kulturen život magazine.

In order to promote the new competition cycle, the Association held 5 informative sessions and translator workshops in Skopje, Štip, and Tetovo, at which the attendees were informed about the competition, but also had the opportunity to practice translating literary texts from multiple official EU languages into the languages spoken in the country.

A document listing frequently asked questions on the award and their answers was compiled as well, and posted on the Association’s website.

The award was promoted both in the country and abroad, through electronic media and the Delegation’s and MATA’s communication channels.